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Prashant Singh, 26, graduated from India, I came to Singapore and worked for 1 year. I took a transfer to Japan and worked there for 1 year in 2016 after that I came back to Singapore (my place), worked for 8 months and switched my job. Apart from that I have worked in India too for 3 months during some internship.

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For deciding on what to write, I want to pick a real life topic that can help people. So today I want to discuss with you about your work. I would be glad if you go through my introduction before continuing with this article.  These days, most of the organizations/countries are focusing on having a good 'work life balance' but is achieving this really that simple? Let's see about the current trends going on in,



Case Study:

1) Shorter Working Hour: Some countries e.g. Netherlands, Denmark, Norway Ireland have decided to start a 4 day work week. (, Does it make there workers happy? Maybe yes, the above mentioned countries are considered to be happiest in the world too. But is it really a wise decision. Don't you think it will affect there overall productivity. I think its not a good idea, being happy is not the actual thing one should think for. I can sleep all day and remain happy. But will that make my life good? Maybe. But people are happy with that. I want to visit Europe someday.

2) Team Bodings: Other you can see is "Team Bonding Events", in contrast to the above mentioned step, team bonding events want to spend more of your time inside the organization. Work together, enjoy together. Increase interaction with your colleagues and try every sort of things to know each other more. Again the same question, is it a good step? Of course yes.  Organization should care about employees and it actually increases productivity. Personally I like team bonding and going for lunch or having a short ping pong match with my colleagues. 

Personally I like such events, but as I said, I am here to discuss about your work not mine. The above two examples shows a positive approach towards productivity and happiness of employees. But one thing they lack is they follow masses. Lets take one example, I joined my company because I like the domain and I want to explore more, in this case, contributing to this domain is my career goal for long term. So will i really enjoy the 3 off days in a week? No, I want to go back and work. In this case the government cared about  the ones who are working for money but didn't care about the one for whom the  base for there job was not money, but passion.

With this blog I want you to reconsider how much you are enjoying your work. On my first day at TeamSpirit, I was shown the presentation of try being a leader and take decisions. Once we act as a leader, we are no longer bounded to follow the rules made for masses. We are free to be a part of that decision, or be a part of acceptance/ rejection of a decision. This lead should come from inside and this only can make the above two case studies successful. If you are free to take such decisions, you are free to choose your personal and professional life.

Me playing Ping Pong in office (Office Life):


Me enjoying with my colleagues from previous company (Social Life):


Me in gym showing my two years personal achievement outside work (Personal Life):


No photos while working. :D 


"The day you loose your self leading skill, you are old. Be young and enjoy your work.